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About Jeannine Davidoff
dr earthwormJeannine Davidoff is a South African Permaculture Consultant. Jeannine guides us via modern technology on how to grow our own organic garden.

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In a series of articles, we'll explain How to Start an Organic Garden in 5 Important Steps. How to intergrate Organic Gardening with Companion Planting and the benefits of having an organic garden with companion planting.

How To
Plant, Grow & Harvest

potato from organic garden1. Potatoes can be planted early in the early season to get the first crop then a later variety to get the late season crop. 2. They grow in full sun and take approximately 5 months from potato eye.....[continue reading]

Pumpkin1. The pumpkins tear shaped seeds are planted in a mound in the garden. 2. Add lots of compost to the mound. 3. Four to six pumpkin seeds can be planted in each mound. [continue reading]
beetroot1. Beetroot is ready to harvest when the root is firm and swollen. It will usually be sticking out of the ground. 2. The bulbs should be lightly washed from the soil when removed. 3. The beetroot leaves..[continue reading]
Companion Planting Book,gardeningJeannine Davidoff has written a book called, Companion Planting. Jeannine lists popular vegetables, herbs and flowers that we love to eat and explains what combinations to use and how to use them to heal certain ailments. >

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How to Grow Cucumber,organic Vegetable Garden1.Cucumber seed can go straight into the soil where you want it to grow. 2. Add 5-8 seeds to a hole dug twice the depth of the seed. 3. To get a better yield, each cucumber seeds should be planted.... [continue reading]

how to grow carrot 1. Loosen the soil up with a fork before you plant so that the carrots roots can move down into the soil easily while growing. 2. Dampen the soil before you put....[continue reading]

How to Grow Swiss Chard,organic vegetable garden1. A heavy feeder takes a lot of nutrients out of the ground. 2. Swiss Chard needs a lot of compost to help keep the soil fertile. 3. It is better to sow Swiss Chard straight into the soil .....[continue reading]

How to Grow radish,organic vegetable garden1. Radish is the easiest, quickest vegetable to grow. 2. They can take 21 days under optimal conditions to reach maturity. 3. Plant fresh seed every two weeks to ensure you always have Radish....[continue reading]

How to Grow tomato,organic vegetable garden1. If in a limited space, choose a tomato variety that is a tall growing tomato that should be staked. 2. If there is room in the garden, choose a tomato variety that will do well in a cage. 3. A tomato ...[continue reading]

Companion Planting Book,jeannine davidoffCompanion Planting Book explains how to combine vegetables with herbs and flowers to create a healthy garden without chemicals & pestisides. There are 38 vegetables and herbs in Companion Planting Book.
Jeannine has a companion planting blog that explains how to cut chemicals out the garden.

Companion Planting blog covers all things gardening. How to grow a companion planting garden.

What vegetables, flowers & herbs to mix and match and much more in her companion planting blog.
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