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Natural Health

Natural Health Products
Natural HealthMelojak recommends personally used and loved natural health products that assist in promoting a healthier lifestyle.
Melojak and Jeannine Davidoff collaborate on articles that hilight the natural health benefits to integrate vegetables into our daily habits that build a healthier lifestyle with our fast paced, demanding schedules.

Take charge of your health this season by taking care of your health today. Here are Natural Health Products that provide assistance to general health issues that are related to our everyday lives.
Recommended Products below:
Natural Remedies to Relief Health Issues
LGBT Natural Health is divided into 4 sections that introduce natural health products that are associated by the part of the body:

Immune System:
Cell Food / Echinacea Goldenseal / Moducare / Zambroza / Solstic
Intestinal System:
Bifidophilus Flora Force / Cascara Sagrada
Digestive System:
Aloe Vera Juice / Digestive Enzymes / Papaya Mint / Stomach Comfort
Bifidophilus Flora Force / Cell Food / Echinacea Goldenseal Extract / Moducare / Stomach Comfort / Zambroza
We have compiled an assortment of articles that hilight the nutritional benefits of eating vegetables.
Potato Nutritional Benefits Beetroot Nutritional Benefits  Swiss Chard Nutritional Benefits  Onion Nutritional Benefits


Vegetable Gardening

with Companion Planting
Organic Vegetable Garden with companion planting Melojak garden impliments companion planting, that grows of a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers together.
Jeannine Davidoff guides Melojak from South Africa with tips and tricks to create the garden with companion planting.
Here are 5 steps to start a vegetable garden with companion planting this spring.
Jeannine Davidoff, a South African organic gardenerJeannine Davidoff is Earthworm Productions, a South African mother, artist, writer, organic gardener, permaculture consultant, yoga teacher, freelance journalist living in Cape Town. My 21st century focus is on sharing knowledge and my art.

I have a companion planting blog that describes individual plants, how they grow, their companion plants and antagonists, their herbal uses and nutiritional value. Anyone can grow a garden with companion planting anywhere in the world by applying common gardening guidelines.
dr earthwormJeannine Davidoff has written a book: Companion Planting. Jeannine lists 40 common vegetables, herbs and flowers that we all love to cook & eat.

In her book, Companion Planting, Jeannine explains the companion plants, properties, tips and uses, herbal uses and a short description on growing the plant.

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dr earthworm Hi. I'm Dr. Earthworm. I love to solve problems in the vegetable garden. I recommend using organic matter that will put nutrient into the soil naturally.

If you having trouble figuring out a solution to your vegetable garden, ask Dr. Earthworm a question.

"I'll find a natural solution to any situation in the garden." Click here to ask the question.

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